International Network Universities Global Citizenship and Peace Program

We, Muhammad Fakhri (IR 2013) and Bobby Hizkia (IR 2014) with our friend Bintang Tommy (Law 2012), feel honored to be able to represent Parahyangan Catholic University in one of international events known as International Network of Universities on Global Citizenship and Peace Program. The International Network of Universities (INU) on Global Citizenship and Peace Program is a short course of international level organized by the consortium of INU. This program was designed to be placed around 6th of August every year, parallel with the commemoration of Hiroshima atomic bombing. The 2016 INU Global Citizenship and Peace Program was held on August 4th – 12th, with the main theme of Indigenous Rights in the Global Context. There are two (2) separate programs within, namely: (a) INU Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace, designated for undergraduate students; and (b) INU Master’s Summer School for Global Citizenship and Peace, designated for graduate students. During the program, students from various countries as well as from various universities that incorporated under the International INU membership, gather to learn to be global citizen that involve actively toward international issues. The program mainly centered on discussion of problems that possibly exist in real-world situation, specifically using cross-disciplinary approaches to create more comprehensive solution toward the issue. It is also supported by several interactive activities, such as lectures, field trips, small group discussions, and role-play. This program has taught us a lot about academic as well as life lessons. Below are pieces of story of our experience there.

Feel Blessed – Bobby Hizkia, IR 2014
Being able to go abroad for the first time, it was such an unforgettable experience for me, International Network Universities (INU) Global Citizenship and Peace Program from 3rd of August to 13th of August. Took place in the city of Hiroshima, Japan, nothing beats the excitement of having opportunity to participate in Peace Memorial Ceremony, to go to Peace Memorial Museum, to hear the story of atomic bomb survivor (hibakusha), or to have sightseeing around several renowned tourist spots. These experiences taught me some lessons in life that opened my eyes about the importance of peace, the need to help others, and the art of cross-cultural communication.                                                                              However, I could say that those things were only few of many experiences I’ve got in INU. During the program, I was also assigned to join INU Master Summer School that discussed about the matter of Indigenous Peoples in Global Context. Since my background is still an undergraduate, I feel honored to contribute in several fruitful academic discussions with some master students. I received new knowledge and insights I haven’t before as this issue is still rarely discussed within our university. I also learnt to become a person that cares about his surroundings and to contribute actively in society. It is really inspiring for me that some of my friends there already have jobs that engage with the society, such as in education sector, in international organization, or indirectly in policy making. But most of all, I’m really grateful to be able to meet new friends from different background: nationality, race, ethnic, religion, age, or academic level. Back then, it’s easy for me to judge people that are different from me, while in fact, we could never know a person until we start to understand them. Now, I realize why they call this event as ‘Global Citizenship and Peace Program’: you will learn how to be a better person for a better world. I feel so blessed!                                                                                                                                                                                          So, I’ve experienced mine and nobody knows that next year might be your turn!

Life-Changing Experience – Muhammad Fakhri, IR 2013
Greetings! I’m Muhammad Fakhri Chaerudin, student of Parahyangan Catholic University majoring International Relations batch 2013. I was selected by the International Office UNPAR to represent my university in the so called INU Global Citizenship and Peace Program hosted by Hiroshima University in Hiroshima, Japan. It was my pleasure to participate actively in this program and to join some life-changing activities, such as attending the Peace Memorial Ceremony on 6th of August, having role-play in the form of UN General Assembly, contributing in interactive academic workshops, and visiting Peace Memorial Museum.  Besides, I also get chance to explore the beauty of Hiroshima Prefecture’s famous tourism spots, such as the island where humans and gods live together known as Miyajima Island and the eyes-opening Peace Memorial Museum. I feel that this program has provided me as well as other participants to enhance both of our hard skills and soft skills, especially in terms of placing and engaging ourselves in a whole new surroundings and environment to achieve a better understanding on global issues. It also taught us to create solution toward the real-world political, economy, social and cultural problems. In simple words, I could say that every activities contained in this program shows the participants to become a part of global society without eliminating their original identity. Furthermore, INU shaped us to be a future leader that capable to produce sustainable and people’s friendly solutions for several global problems. In the end, I would say that it is not hyperbole to say that INU Global Citizenship and Peace Program is a life-changing experience.