Short Newsletter: Loran Palseo Tambunan (2014)

Learning something new and doing something to the very best of it; is a principle that I hold for most in my life. I really enjoy and eager to learn about something that is beyond my daily life standard. This eagerness and spirit are the primary reason why I am motivated to apply for TU Dortmund (TUD) Student Exchange 2017. I found a lot of positive experiences in Germany. The classes inspired me to be more active and critical about issues. The lecturers are my favorite as they taught me a lot of informative things. They are kind, friendly, funny, warm and  proficient in teaching the class. The classes I had in TUD are my dream classes! My friends were open minded and respectful. I enjoyed all the facilities and cultural bonds with the Germans and other international students in TUD. I like the Germans a lot! They were really kind, attentive, funny and a really sincere friends. They work diligently and have fun sufficiently (though beers, parties and football!). They are respectful towards people and time. Overall, I enjoyed to know every Germans in my 4 month exchange!

They say, the Germans are stiff, very organized, punctual and they love beers and football. I refuse to confirm the first prejudice I wrote. They are not that stiff, they are actually friendly and humorous. In my opinion the Germans are stiff because they are really careful towards people feelings and space; they are simply sensible. While the other prejudices I mentioned were—in my opinion—true, I proudly am confirmed that! The Germans are very punctual; we can see it from the termin we made with lecturers and the punctuality of the Bahn services. Punklichkeit at its best! And for beers and football, I think I had even no doubts to find these things in Dortmund. Who does not know BVB and Brinkhoffs?

I spend my leisure time on weekdays mostly with my friends to eat out in the Stadt Zentrum and to socialize in the student events (mostly on Erasmus Student Network’s events). While on weekend, I single out my leisure time to serve the church through singing. I also helped out a Primary School named Holte-Grundschule to teach Indonesian traditional dance for the students. I visited some of the NRW‘s area, such as Essen, Duisburg, Mülheim, Dusseldörf, Köln, Münster and Aachen. I travel those areas with my friends, ESN‘s students and my church colleagues. There were a lot of site to visits in every area that I mentioned. It was a fortune to stay in NRW region.

Staying in Dortmund for only 4 months had been a life changing experience. The stay had influenced me so much on stepping ahead for my future ambitions. I learned a lot, experienced various things and overall, I am satisfied with everything I got from TU Dortmund. My stay had enhanced my soft skills and my ability to be critical and well-prepared person. I learned English in the class (as our main language) as well as learning Deutsch through the German course facility. I interacted with the people on the community which also increased my intrapersonal ability. These skills and knowledge will be very important on actualize my professional goals in the future.

Being an exchange student under the ERASMUS+ scholarship between UNPAR and TU Dortmund partnership has been an unforgettable life changing experience for me. Du solltest das auch ausprobieren! You will not regret to have more amazing experiences in Germany, auf jeden fall 🙂


Loran Palseo Tambunan

International Relations Batch 2014 – Parahyagan Catholic University

ERASMUS+ Scholarship Exchange Student at TU Dortmund University, Germany