Short Newsletter: Henry Mulyana (2015)

The JENESYS Programme (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) is a project advanced by the Japanese government from the standpoint of providing a sound foundation for strong solidarity within Asia through large-scale youth exchange. Usually there is three up to five batch each year. With each batch has different themes and different target of participant, ranging from high-school student, university student, young adult, and also young athletes when it come to JENESYS Cup.
Currently the program for year 2017 has elapsed. The last batch of JENESYS 2017 is Composite Batch 5 on theme of Peace building, and carry out the specific theme “What the Youths in the Asian Countries Can Do for the Peace and Stability of the Asian Region”. That specified into four different particular issues as follows: (1) Youths’ role to solve issues of Local, Regional and International Conflict; (2) Youths’ role to promote issues of Interfaith dialogue; (3) Youths role to solve issues of Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrating Workers, and (4) Youths’ role to solve issues of Economic Imbalance. All those 4 specific issues are being discussed by all the participant in 4 different working groups, each talking about one topic with 24 participant from 12 different participating countries.
JENESYS2017 is participated by 10 ASEAN countries, Timor Leste, and India. These 12 countries have contributed actively on sharing their experience to create the Declaration of Action (Attached) which consists of four different issues which are: A B C D. Four different issues that encompass the condition of the global world especially Asia should be fixed by the younger generation (youth) so that it could create a sustainable action from generation to generation.
In this batch, participant from ASEAN Member States as well as India and Timor Leste are changing their experience and also thoughts about peacebuilding measurement in their home country. Conduct a deep discussion on how as a youth, we could carry the responsibility to keep the stability and peace in our home country. Among us, there is no barriers that make us hesitant to discuss to one another. The JENESYS program is mainly an exchange program aimed to creates friendship ties among ASEAN Member States, Japan, as well as other Asian countries with strong cooperation and role toward Japan’s foreign policy. Thus, the program prevail to provide platform for the future leaders to discuss and deeply engage in the multi-identity and multiple background dialogue.
Batch 5, as the batch carry the message of Peace and Stability, gave the participant the experience of the devastation of Atomic Bomb, thus it shall not happen in the near future. Beside friendship we strongly tied, knowledge we gain is also preeminent in order to implement the postproject program that each participant need to implement in their home country. After the 10 days of discussion and spending time together. As our final project in Japan, we present our Action Plan as the fruit of our discussion from the past 10 days. The presentation was attended by embassies, MoFA and JICE representatives. They also gave some comments regarding the declaration of action that we have made based on our action plan. JENESYS after all has given more than just memorable experiences, countless knowledge, but new family for each participant.

In conclusion, JENESYS2017 programme has successfully internalize the shared-values among the youth participants from Southeast Asian countries. The group discussions during the program managed to be the avenue for youth to explore and express the ideas and learn to respect diverse ideas from other countries’ representatives. The spirit of cooperation between countries had been also materialized during and after the programme. The idea of peaceful and harmonious society would be a utopia for all member states of ASEAN, India, and Timor Leste if there is a lack of cooperation between the said countries. Indonesia as the most diverse country in ASEAN and one of the emerging economies had managed to promote its diversity to other nations. The delegation of Indonesia was able to showcase their initiatives during the programme. With that being said, Indonesia’s delegation has been able to promote peace to ASEAN countries.

Henry Mulyana

International Relations Batch 2015 – Parahyagan Catholic University