Parahyangan Centre for European Studies (PACES)

PACES (Parahyangan Center for European Studies) is established under the support of the Department of International Relations, University of Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia. From the good reputation of the department and the wide variety of teaching staff, this center has four main objectives, these are:

  • to promote research and teaching activities on European and Asian topics through an interdisciplinary approach involving resources available at various faculties and/or departments at the Parahyangan Catholic University;
  • to facilitate “people-to-people” interactions (the corporate sector, non-governmental organizations, party members, religious leaders, local authorities, and so forth) of Indonesia and members of the European Union (EU);
  • to encourage collaborative works of Indonesian and European academics and/or researchers in the forms of seminars, conferences, workshops, and joint-publications, and
  • to participate in the network of European studies centers in Asia and beyond.

As a research center, PACES attempts to embark upon a number of activities, which include research and publication, teaching, cooperation and networking.